Welcome to Hamptonlea Kennels, Home of English Foxhounds, Basenjis and Amstaff.

Hamptonlea Kennels is a small country kennel near the township of Gooloogong in rural NSW.
I have been breeding Foxhounds for 12 yrs first started with this wonderful breed when i brought my first foxhound Charlie ( Aust Grand Ch Houndspride Rulas Reign) and what a dog he has been, he showed me what it was like to win as soon as he hit the show ring for the first time, and i havent looked back, now i have 7 foxhounds and have had 4 very lovely litters of foxhounds puppies, lots count of how many little Foxhounds that ran wild over my home, but i enjoyed every last on of them and kept a few of them for my self.
Below is my pride and joy the dog who i will always love and thank, he getting on now, and not doing very well in his old age, not looking forward to the day that i have to say good bye to this dear friend of mine, but he has many offspring out there to keep his breeding alive,as well i have two off his offspring here with me in his daughter Hope ( Aust Ch Hamptonlea Northernhope) and his son Hunter ( Aust Ch Hamptonlea Huntereign) both are out of the same litter and some much like there father.
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